SURVIVING THE CAVE, Full Tilt (Lerner Books), 2019


A young Thai soccer team and their coach entered a cave complex on June 23, only expecting to be inside a short while. But it was monsoon season in Thailand, and while the group was still inside, a flash flood filled the cave complex with water, trapping them there. This was the start of their ordeal―9 days without light, and 18 days before rescuers could retrieve them. Iron Will: Surviving the Cave recounts five tales of survival of people trapped in cave systems, where food is scarce and signaling for rescue is nearly impossible. From cave collapses, to flooding, to hypothermia, there are many possible hardships faced by those who have been trapped underground in the dark―but their iron wills can help them make it out alive.

SURVIVING THE ICE, Full Tilt (Lerner Books), 2019


About 400 miles from the North Pole, a plane crashes, stranding its passengers in the freezing cold. There is little shelter, and temperatures dip dozens of degrees below freezing. With an oncoming blizzard, rescue is delayed. This was the beginning of a 30-hour ordeal for the survivors of the crash, who had been on their way to an outpost in the icy wilderness of northern Canada. Iron Will: Surviving the Ice tells five chilling stories of people who found themselves lost, stranded, or abandoned in deathly cold conditions. From enduring frostbite and hypothermia, to traversing dangerous ice crevasses and deadly winds, readers will learn how the survivors beat the odds to live through their icy adventures.

SURVIVING IN SPACE, Full Tilt (Lerner Books), 2019

Imagine being part of a three-man crew, hurtling through space on the way to the Moon, when something goes terribly wrong. You have limited supplies, limited fuel, and absolutely no way for anyone to attempt to rescue you. This was the crisis the crew of the Apollo 13 mission faced as they neared the Moon and were forced to attempt to turn back. Iron Will: Surviving in Space tells the stories of five incredible feats of survival by astronauts who found themselves in dangerous situations in the most desolate of environments. With limited supplies and help a very, very long way away, the survivors had little more than their intelligence and iron will to help them survive.

SURVIVING THE STORM, Full Tilt (Lerner Books), 2019

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina reached New Orleans. It was a Category 5 hurricane, with winds up to 175 miles per hour. The entire city had been ordered to evacuate. But those who could not leave sought shelter around the city, and had to endure as, in a single day, 80% of New Orleans flooded, some areas covered in 20 feet of water. Iron Will: Surviving the Storm recounts five stories of deadly storms and their impact on those forced to weather them. Those who want to survive must be prepared to face high winds, loss of electricity, intense flooding, and more.

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