Being a part of the military’s largest branch might seem like all work and no play. But soldiers in the ARMY know that protecting their country can be a fun and rewarding experience. Learn little-known facts and unique details about what it means to be an Army soldier.

Sailors in the NAVY will almost certainly spend part of their careers at sea. Everyone on board has a job whether it's a cook, medic, to nuclear equipment operator. And even though a sailor’s life on a ship is strict and orderly, there are still some surprising facts about jobs, training, and living quarters in the Navy.

AIRMEN in the U.S. Air Force dedicate their lives to serving their country. But this doesn’t always mean that service is spent in battle. Airmen have a variety of roles. Some roles are ones you would expect. But others, in addition to their day-to-day life, can be pretty surprising.

MARINES are a prestigious branch of the military who dedicate themselves to honor, courage, and commitment. In times of conflict, these values turn Marines into the heroes we know them to be. But what are their everyday lives like? What does their rigorous training involve? And what makes being a member of this military branch unique? The answers may surprise you.

School Library Journal Review:

Gr 4-8–Interest-piquing trivia weaves history and fun facts with career information on the four branches of military service. Readers will learn why marines are called “leathernecks,” how Navy ships have their own zip codes, and that the army has entomologists who study ways to keep insects away from soldiers. Lesser-known aspects include the huge amount of humanitarian relief that the military provides and the number of specialty jobs available, such as mechanics, musicians, and cyber warriors (to prevent security breaches). Text boxes tie closely to captioned photos, and other sidebars explain terms like mayday and “gaining your sea legs.” Readers may be surprised to learn about the “no tattoo on face or hands” rule, or that cellphones are not allowed during basic training, and that up to five friends can enlist and be stationed together. ­


VERDICT The balance of humdrum with behind-the-scenes information makes this a high-interest winner.

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